8 October. Saturday. Glasgow.

We’re safely back in Glasgow, having avoided death numerous times by lorry or car and narrow stone bridge.

After a last walk over Jubilee Bridge, regretting that we hadn’t picked a container of blackberries, we left Rose Cottage and drove back through the magnificent Glencoe. 

We stopped at the Visitors’ Centre and got take-away coffees and had it with left-over choc cake. 

All the car parks along the road were full so we had it by the side of the road. Incredible amount of traffic, everyone out for the weekend to marvel at the stupendous scenery.


We pulled in to the old grey stone Drover’s Inn for a bowl of Scotch broth. Amazing old place full of stuffed pheasants, foxes, a bear, a wild cat of some sort; oaken beams; lighting by candles; open fire; staff in kilts.

We stopped at Loch Lomond to do more exclaiming at the gorgeous weather, mountains, water etc.

Loch Lomond

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3 October. Monday. Glencoe.

April and I are in the Highlands, in a lovely BnB, Yatter Whaup Croft, in Glencoe.

It’s beside a loch with big hills, in all colours, across the water. We drove through the most sensational scenery today. So wild and craggy and high!

We stopped for coffee and scones (and jam and cream of course) by Loch … at Arrochar.

Lunch was our sandwiches at a lookout up the road near here. We read about the massacre in the 1600s when a Campbell general, under orders from the King, organised the murder of 38 Macdonald family members in Glencoe.

We visited the memorial in the village later. Now we’re having a cuppa and a Tunnock’s Teacake before going up to the pub for dinner.

LATER. I had Highland Game Pie – rabbit, venison, pheasant, mallard, partridge and pigeon, cooked with blackberries and juniper berries and Islay gin. Yeah, sure. Quite tasty though. Cla hair

It was at the very old Clachaig Hotel. Logs in the combustion heater glowing,  wooden seats and tables, a bearded young man calling out the meal order numbers as if it made him angry to do so.

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Google Power Search

And so the learning continues. Now I’m doing the searching course offered by Google and recommended by Cam at SLV:


I’ve completed the first section and passed the assessment, so I’m feeling good. The course is designed to enhance our searching skills. It’s presented really well – clearly and simply with lots of examples. I’ve learnt lots and already put some of the tips into practice.

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Digital Story

My digital story, summarizing the twelve-week course, was done with Storybook. I successfully dropped it into our PLN Facebook page but not so here. All I can do is paste the URL into my post (below). Not ideal.

The course is over, but not really – lots of investigating, learning and playing ahead. Thank you to the ever-helpful, encouraging and friendly PLN team.


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Just been playing with the enjoyable and time-consuming ToonDoo. Great fun … but that’s enough play. I was trying it out as a possibility for my PLN digital story; I don’t think I’ll use it. My favourite is still Animoto. Is this what’s called procrastinating?

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Unit 12

I really enjoyed visiting the sites mentioned in this unit. So interesting! I loved exploring ‘Educational uses of digital storytelling’ run by the University of Houston. I spent hours looking through it.


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Web Conferences

I’ve just replayed the last few web conferences and made lots of notes. So much good information! I’m inspired to:

  • give Evernote a good go
  • spend time learning Zotero
  • look at the SLAV WEE Project
  • play Werewolf (yes, I know it’s not digital)
  • explore the State Library’s newspaper e-resources and tell the LOTE teachers about PressDisplay
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